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Checking Accounts

ASECU Checking Accounts

Open a Checking Account at ASECU and you'll get a checking account that is easy to manage and comes with many free perks like a VISA debit card, online banking and bill payment, mobile banking and more!  Checks ordered directly from the credit union offer Check Armor fraud protection. You can also secure your ASECU checking account with automatic overdraft protection.      

VISA Debit Cards

With an ASECU VISA Debit Card you can access your checking account anywhere VISA is accepted.  PLUS with your ASECU Debit Card, you can withdraw cash or transfer funds and have the piece of mind that comes with EMV Chip technology. Carry an ASECU Debit Card for safety...Don't carry cash. To apply for a Debit card, stop in any ASECU office today. 

For added security, select 'debit' and enter your PIN when using your VISA Debit Card. Learn more.


ASECU debit cards can be added to your Mobile Wallet starting on February 2, 2021!  ASECU Visa debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

To add your card to your Mobile Wallet, open your phones Wallet App and click "add new card".  Follow the prompts to add your debit card to your Mobile Wallet.  If you need help setting up your wallet, please give us a call at (330)792-4000.  

Use your digital card anywhere Mobile Pay is accepted! 

VISA purchase Alerts

Reduce fraud and monitor your spending. Visa Purchase Alerts provide near real-time updates about your ASECU VISA debit card activity. 

Once you're enrolled, you can customize transaction alerts to fit your needs: 

  • Individual transaction amount thresholds
  • International transactions
  • Card-absent transactions such as telephone or online orders

When your card is used, you'll receive an email alert that includes transaction specifics, such as:

  • Purchase amount
  • Merchant name and location (if available)
  • The last four digits of the card used

All this is free for ASECU VISA debit cardholders; get started now!

Enroll Now

Protect yourself from Debit Card Fraud

Overdraft Privilege Protection

To err is human. That's why ASECU offers Checking with Overdraft Privilege, which protects you from high fees from an accidental overdraw on your checking account. Ask about this service. Call us at (330) 792-4000 or visit your local branch for more information.

Overdraft privilege policy


ASECU Routing #: 241283181 

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